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January 28, 2016

For the month of February we will have the artwork of Nicole Samples on display at Willow Lane. Nicole’s work features images of animals and bugs that she creates using charcoal and oil paints made right here in Oregon. Better yet she frames all of her work herself so the piece is entirely hand crafted by herself. To find out more about Nicole and her process here is her bio. Make sure to stop by the studio on Last Saturday: January 30th from 6 to 9 pm and our Grand Opening: February 13th from 12 to 5 pm to see her work in person!


Nicole Samples, Fine Artist, Crafter and Custom Picture Framer currently works out of  Bend, Oregon. She studied Crafts, Fine Art and Art History at Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan also at Oregon State University, Corvallis and Cascade Campuses.

Current works consist of animal and pet portraits on canvas. The mixed media are a soft graphite, charcoal & oil paint with a walnut oil base. Starting with the graphite and charcoal the subject matter takes shape in grey scale at first. The second step is to add color and tint the canvas until a sharp bold statement is made; making marks to recreate the patterns in nature. The final stage is adding white tones and in most cases another pattern in the animals form and in turn apart of the composition of the canvas.

Each piece is an anthropomorphic view of the animal- trying to capture the individuality of each creature on this planet. By creating a portrait the artist in her own unique signature – is adding to the idea of how special and connected we all are in this time and place, especially to our pets.  Each painting is original from found or captured images on canvas stretched by the artists. The piece is also sealed and custom framed by the artist.

About the author:

McKenzie is a jewelry designer and artist at Willow Lane. She makes mixed metal jewelry for everyday wear along side her snoozing greyhound Hotwire.